6 février 2019


Pioneering Robotics in Africa

Enova Robotics is the first robotics start-up in Africa to design and manufactures its own line of robots. We rely on an extensive decade long experience in robotics research and on our unique geographical location in Sousse, Tunisia, to offer unmatched economic competitiveness. Even though we’re still six months old, we’re hard working on three different products, with more in the pipeline:


Mini-Lab is a robot designed by Professors for professors. It is a medium sized robot optimized for indoor applications. It was born after an experience over a decade in teaching and research in mobile robotics field. Mini-Lab offer the best trade-off between robustness and economic competitiveness. For a comprehensive teaching experience, Mini-Lab ships with pre-made labs, and can be simulated on both Matlab and Gazebo. Its control architecture is open-source and is based on the Robot Operating System (ROS).


The PearlGuard is a mobile platform for monitoring and remote alert. The robot is a 4 wheel drive mobile base powered by electric motors and batteries allowing it to patrol for up to 8 hours. To perform its functions, the robot incorporates a set of infrared cameras arranged to cover the entire surrounding of the robot, an omni-directional audio acquisition system, thermal camera and a sound and light alarm system. It is particularly able to automatically detect intrusion.The robot incorporates a GPS to locate in its environment and a laser telemetry system for detection.


Imagine you are 80 and living alone. Your children are halfway across the country. You have a live-in-aide but it’s not human. Robots have the potential to support older adults as they age in place as well as if they live in skilled nursing residence. eTouch-Bot is a robots designed to assist aged person in a Nursing Home. It is the answer to a predicted shortage of caregivers to serve our rapidly aging population. eTouch-Bot provides telepresence, continuous monitoring and tele-vigilance. Doctor could connect if necessary and make premilinary diagnostics. It makes you interacting with people in remote location and in a synchronous way.


Our robots create an engaging space for attendees and deliver a captive audience for event sponsors. Event organizers can relax while HelloBot handles all the details.