12 mars 2019



P-Guard is a rugged security Robot for multi-terrain applications. To perform its functions, the robot incorporates a set of infrared cameras arranged to cover the entire surrounding of the robot, an omni-directional audio acquisition system, thermal camera and a sound and light alarm system. The robot incorporates a GPS to locate in its environment and a laser telemetry system.

Innovative and efficient solution for Sensitive sites security: ports and Airports, prisons, very large corporate campuses, power utility substations, and solar and wind farms, Manufacturing Plants

  Day and Night Patrolling and Surveillance
  360° HD Video real time Streaming and Recording
  Thermal Anomaly Detection
  Remote Video Surveillance System control
  Voice and sounds streaming
  Real time audio communication
  Real time system anomaly information

  24/7 Fully autonomous patrolling
  All terrain mobile robot
  Autonomous unmanned ground vehicle
  Automatic obstacle detection and avoidance
  Easy patrol set up
  GPS localization and patrol set up
  If required, the route of the Robot can be changed remotely  by operator

By its camera and sensors, P-Guard is particularly able to automatically detect intrusion and negative behaviors and send real time alerts and video.

  People Detection During Certain Restricted Hours
  People detection in restricted areas

  Control Command Center notification
  Two-Way Intercom (human-to-human voice interaction)
  Pre-Recorded Messages (may be played manually, randomly, by time or by detection)
  System anomaly alert
  Loud speakers
  light alarm system