ENOVA ROBOTICS & INFOMOTION releasing VEASENSE, their brand new co-developed robot, during BI Innovation day Event in Frankfurt

Enova Robotics designs, develops and manufactures its own-branded robots. One of the focuses of Enova Robotics is making Intelligent health solutions that solve communication issues and address business needs. 

Innovation Lab which is powered by Infomotion specializes Business Intelligence and Data analytics solutions. 

That makes the perfect partnership. The two companies decide to partner on innovations to enhance customer experiences in healthcare and as a result of this partnership:

We are announcing the release of the VEASENSE Robot!

Veasenses Robot

VEASENSE Robot will be introduced for the first time in Infomotion Event ”BI Innovation Day” on November 20th.

VEASENSE is an affordable Healthcare Robot created for the modern workplace. By its medical sensors, VEASENSE provides telepresence, continuous monitoring and televigilance.

In addition, a Doctor could connect to the robot, when necessary, and make preliminary diagnostics. VEASENSE allows you to interact with people while being in a different location and in a synchronous way. 

By integrating Data collected by diagnostic, VEASENSE Robot is able to: 

  • Predict future diseases. 
  • Develop more effective medicines.
  • Impact behavior change.
  • Increase awareness and improve quality of life. 

The incubator of our partnership is based on: 

  • Health care – use case patient 
  • Health care – use case Doctor
  • Security use case 

Create more Value

By working together, the two companies aim to deliver an enhanced experience for their customers, these efforts will lead to include more features, soon, such as:

  • Patient Face recognition
  • Patient Fall detection
  • Automatic Charging

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