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Mini-Lab is a robot designed by Professors for professors. It is a medium sized robot optimized for indoor applications.

It was born after an experience over a decade in teaching and research in mobile robotics field. Mini-Lab offer the best trade-off

between robustness and economic competitiveness.

For a comprehensive teaching experience, Mini-Lab ships with pre-made labs, and can be simulated on both Matlab and Gazebo.

Its control architecture is open-source and is based on the Robot Operating System (ROS) .

datasheet.png                                 Applications

• Robotic research development,

• Surveillance,

• Telepresence,

• Remote monitoring,

Technical Specifications

• Dimension (WxLxH) : 420x350x150 mm

• Weight : 7 kg

• Load capacity : 3 kg

• Speed : 1,5 m/s

• Autonomy : 4 hours

• Batteries : 12V/10Ah

• Max climbing angle : 10°

• Controller : ARM or X86 based

• Operating system : ROS


• Scanning Laser URG-04LX

• Docking station



Install ros In Your Machine

Getting Started

Learn about Mini-Lab Concept


Step-by-step instructions