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ENOVA ROBOTICS is a company specialized in mobile robot development and robotics R&D projects.

Enova Robotics was born after an experience over a decade in teaching and research in the field of robotics, such us


The core of our philosophy is knowing today what our consumers needs tomorrow, Supplying advanced technology

products and services, Designing, building and developing new robots, Offering Geographical proximity and

agile methodologies.We aim to make the world humans and robots live together.

We want to act at several levels:

at school: why not get kids excited to learn robotics as early as possible .

at home: assisting seniors and dependent persons, increasing connections between people and inside one family,                            

at work: avoiding long travels for managers and sharing engineering between sites,

at malls, at frontiers, …


Pépiniére d'entreprise Softech -Bp : 24-Route de la ceinture

Technopole de Sousse . 4059 Sousse Tunisia

(+216) 73 823 023

(+216) 73 823 022